Product Reviews

I can’t say enough about how much I love this product! My wife has carpal tunnel syndrome and can’t open jars and prescription bottles and this jar opener has made everything so easy to open. It is so durable and so easy to install under the cabinets. It has lasted years and we can’t live without it. We like it so much, we bought several more for gifts!

- Dr. Greg C.

I have tried so many jar openers over my lifetime and got tired of the struggle of failing to open every twist off jar of every size. I am thrilled to have found my Jiffy Twist! No more struggling with hard to open jars due to size or tightness. I can now open every twist-off cap of every single size, even as small as nail polish! It’s so easy and opens in a jiffy, too. One wonderful feature is do-it-yourself installation...

Just a simple included 3M® adhesive that you peel and stick under a cupboard to apply the Jiffy Twist. Anyone can do it! I’m 86 and installed one in my Northern condo and one in my Florida home - in a matter of 5 minutes or less. I’m giving them as gifts to my friends now and they love them, too. Also- I’ve emptied my kitchen drawers of all the other jar openers and enjoy the neater drawers. It’s priced so reasonably, so that it’s a great gift item.

- Helen S.

I love this jar opener! I’ve had it under my cabinet for years and it’s incredible! I use it for everything and it opens every size jar so effortlessly and easy! I order more every year at Christmas for gifts and it’s the perfect gift! Highly recommend!

- Maria R.

“Jiffy Twist is saving my hands! Factory-sealed items and dried-on product lids are only part of my trouble. My husband closes every jar so tightly that I strain hard trying to open them, which leaves my poor hands worn out for the day. This opener handles jars and bottles of all sizes. I even use it on items that have the cellophane (or wine foil) still attached, because I struggle with that, too. I’m not old, but my hands are! I am so relieved to have found a way to limit the strain on my hands each day. Installation was a breeze – under one minute and no tools were needed. I also love that the opener is low profile – it isn’t visible to all who enter the kitchen. My sister just tried it out and is getting one for herself immediately.”

- Cathy W.

I love my Jiffy Twist! I don't have to struggle with my sauce or pickle jars anymore, and even have used it to open a small tubes of paint and worked great! I especially love that you install it without tools. Super easy and convenient!

- Lori F.

I had my first Jiffy Twist for many years and just got another one for my new condo. I use Jiffy Twist almost every time I open a bottle or jar, including prescription bottles.

To be honest, I could not imagine my life with out it!

- Beverly

We love our Jiffy Twist! My mom has arthritis, and it is so helpful for her to effortlessly open jars. I love the convenience and ease of having it under my cabinet to just pop my lids off while I’m cooking. It is so easy and fast!

- Christy E.

Jiffy Twist has a very clever design that is easy to install and opens any jar. It is hidden away from plain site but always ready to do its job. I’ve given Jiffy Twist to my mother (age 79) and mother-n-law (age 85). They both can not say enough good things about this opener.

I would recommend Jiffy Twist to anyone!

- Denise D.

Thank you for this wonderful jar opener. Finally, an opener that works!
It opens every size jar and even my old nail polish bottles. I love it! Bought one for my parents too!

- Patty K.

I installed the Jiffy Twist device for opening difficult jar covers. It works very well on all sizes, including twist off bottle tops. I like the fact that is is hidden under a cupboard and you just reach the jar up and twist it open. Clever invention!

- Woody W.

Recently turned 81. Along the way injured the tendons in both thumbs and couldn’t open bottles or jars. My JiffyTwist resolved a major problem and strongly endorse this very helpful product.

- Dennis

The following is a review of the Jiffy Twist Jar Opener by a 78-year-old senior citizen that found it to be an excellent jar opener. First tried opening jars without mounting device to cabinet and found it worked very well. Then mounted it to cabinet bottom with 3 small screws and it worked better. Just remember to turn "jar" clockwise just like the Jiffy Twist logo has clockwise arrows.

One point is that when mounted to a cabinet bottom, you can NOT see it. Therefore, I put a piece of masking tape on my cabinet door so I can see where Jiffy Twist bracket is located.  I give Jiffy Twist a 10 star out of 10 star rating.

- Ed

Jiffy twist makes opening jars so quick and easy! It even works on small syrup jars. Some of those jars are very hard to open because the syrup leaks around the cap and acts like glue! It was so easy! One slight twist and it opened!

- Jane

This is fabulous! I have very bad arthritis and I can’t open jars. It’s very difficult to use any handheld jar openers with both hands. I have used so many different openers and tried another under cabinet opener and it was so cheaply made and didn’t work at all but this is AMAZING and so durable! It opens everything with just a little twist and effortless.

I also like how low profile it is! Don’t see it at all! Never need to buy another one again!

- Jeff S.

I LOVE my Jiffy Twist!

- Denise M.